Thursday, November 15, 2007

Finally found the change date button!

Thanks the heavens, I knew there once a rumor about being able to change the date...Tonya said you could but I looked and never found anything, until NOW. Look on your page when writing a new post. Right on the bottom left is a link called Post Options. If you click it it allows you to turn off the comments on a particular post and change the date and TIME! No more backwards posts, no out of order instructions. Yippee!

So my old posts are going back... in order. You can catch the archives as they build up. I only have back until April, but that's fine. It's better than nothing.

1 comment:

ForestJane said...

Cool, thanks for the hint! I often post late at night, so to me it's really the day before, but it is dated the next day - so this will help me put the post on the right day, nightowl time.

And isn't it about time for a cute kitty pic post?