Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday...Day One!

Finally the first post about this wonderful event...the 3rd annual Primitives of the Midwest. I'm sure I will gush a little too much but can't help it. It was, to put it very plainly...AMAZING! Nothing was left undone. Nothing was done half way. Everything from the name tags down was completed so perfectly and with such care that we couldn't have had a bad time if we tried. I think most of the people who read my blog also read Libby's blog so I won't go into a complete re-write of everything she said in her first post. You can read it here. I'd rather share my experiences with the event.

Having never been to any sort of event like this before, I was so excited to go and it did not disappoint. The flight in was long and after a short delay for the second leg from Atlanta, we finally landed a bit late, and by the time I had gotten my baggage and taken the tram to Libby's gate, she was just walking off her plane. Off we headed for 5 days of fun.

The first evening was so fun. We signed in at Quilter Station and received our goody boxes filled with a home made primitive journal, our name tags listing our class codes on lanyards, loads of chocolates and other goodies. I was in pig heaven looking around that shop. We don't have any local shops that carry homespun's and wool is non-existent in this area, so my eyes were as big as saucers. I picked up both kits made especially for this event by the shop, a bag of assorted wool, and about 6 FQ's of lovely brushed cottons. We stuffed our things in the car just in time to take our seats for the "show". Each teacher was introduced and showed their first quilts...*quite funny*..and then showed off the samples of the classes they were teaching. I will admit that I am very new to the primitive style of quilting and it's teachers and I knew some of the names but none of the faces, so I kept quiet and just drank all the information in like a sponge. We were then treated to a show by Marilyn and Minerva who make wool hook rugs...let me just say these ladies can make strands of wool look just like paintings! Like Libby, I won't show the pictures here because we were priviledged to take them for our own enjoyment only. We finally came back and hit the Outback for dinner at 9PM..*10pm to my tummy* and fell into bed exhausted. I know Libby must think I am a real nut, but the beds at this hotel were the best I have ever slept on. Best hotel ever!

Above is a picture of some of the stuff I got on my trip. I admit fully that I went hog wild...I knew I would. The fabric was from another day and I'll show it close-up on another day. In the basket is the Wool Sewing kit for Libby's class that I purchased from Cherie Ralston. I didn't take the class, but once I saw the project I knew I had to make one! The wool I picked up over 2 days, but most from that first night at Quilter's Station. I don't know how much wool I will work with in the future but it is delicious and fabulous for turning edges under! We received one book in our welcome packet, and I bought the other two. One about pin cushions from Sue Spargo and one called Wintergreen Threads by Need'l Love for the cover quilt. Also a kit made especially by the gals at Quilter's Station for this event...a tiny basket that gets stuffed and made into a fabulous wool pin cushion. I also wanted something cuter than a make-up bag to take class supplies in, so I picked up the red Singer tin. It was just too cute. No featherweights, I looked, but still perfect.

Thursday morning we headed out bright and early for the start of classes. My first class was with Lynn Hosford and was a cute American Welcome Mat. I learned one thing very early on...I am a SLOW sewer. Libby ran rings around me, as did most of my class mates. So you get to see the unfinished version. I think I'll work on this today, but it might not get finished. Eventually all my projects will be finished and shown as they get done...on my own time. Everything is tacked down and ready for sewing. The lines will be covered with flag poles and the pineapple will get sections and beads in each one. Then the whole mat gets another layer topped off with a pinked edging and button hole stitching. We had 5 people in the class and it was so fun and comfortable. I learned all about wool and what to do and not to do in 3 hours.

Both Libby and I had taken just a morning class on Thursday and that left the day for shopping! All that to come in another post!

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