Friday, June 15, 2007

New sampler projects..

I have actually done some sewing. I got tons of stuff prepped for the Christmas Sampler quilt, but only a few things finished. These three star blocks and the heart are just waiting for bigger pieces to be completed to assemble them all together. This is a departure for me since you know I love traditional needle-turn applique and I decided to do these with a very small 1/8 inch fusing and then buttonhole stitched. It's a more primitive piece so I think this will look better. I looked through Cheri's book that I recently got and I noticed that in almost all of her pieces she makes the "faced" applique with two layers of fabric sewn together, then turned inside out to the right side and stitched with black thread in a very large over cast stitch on the edge. I like the look, but not the idea of using two layers of fabric in every piece of applique. By the way if you like primitive and like Cheri's designs...that book is a must have! Thanks Vera for turning me on to it!
When I was at Mom's today she showed me the size of my hydrangea bushes that I planted years ago. It makes me yearn for the yard again. I had to go out and cut some blossoms to bring home. I filled 2 vases and Mom did too. I put them on the kitchen table to show how pretty they look. I'd never in real life leave them there as the racing action often ends up hitting table top at top speeds and the flowers would likely go flying in that case. The color is a bit light so I used the flash to get the real color of the blooms...

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