Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Out for Retreat...

Well if you read Libby's blog, you know that in just less than one day we will be meeting up in Missouri for the Primitives of the Midwest!! A great weekend of classes. I can hardly wait. No pictures I guess. I could show you a fabulous picture of my neato bags but they would pale next to Libby's theme appropriate stuff so you see why I need the extra help that these classes will give me! I haven't been into the "primitive" style as long as she has been, but I am itching to catch up. I think I have all the airline regulations down and I've packed correctly. I have everything for 5 fun filled days of sewing and friendship and what I don't have I am sure to find for sale at all the fabulous shops!

Okay, I lied. I took a quick pic of the suitcase and bags set up on the bed. I think I am finally ready. My generic black suitcase, my tote and my cute purse.

Best part is that I get to meet and room with my good friend Libby, and I get to spend one day with Quiltgranny Sharon and her friend Carolyn shopping all the best haunts in the area! I plan to have the suitcase packed with goodies when I get back! I left shopping room thanks to a helpful hinter who shall remain nameless.

See ya'll back here on Sunday afternoon with loads of tales and pictures to show!

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