Thursday, February 12, 2009

another block done..

Pictures first...I say! Here's the latest block in the ABC Sampler Quilt done...K and L.
I really could see loads of these as little mini quilts on the wall! I'm still a few months behind, but I'm catching up fast. You might notice that I added the big letter K to kite. I never liked that the top had so many large first letters but the bottom didn't, so I'm adding them in here and there as they look right. I tried the L, but didn't care for it so that was stayed as is. Speaking of changes..

I got an email from Buggy Barn today cool things inside including their FINISHED version of the Sweet Land of Liberty quilt! Look closely and you'll see they had to "adjust" a few parts too! Please click over and take a look! They didn't have enough space on the left border for flying geese and adjusted in several places. On the lower left, the flying geese were left off, and the upper left just has smaller bricks along the edge. still looks fabulous!! Remember...adjust the blocks and make the quilt work for YOU!

Yesterday I worked on my SLOL and ALMOST have the top done!! I'm shooting for today, but it might be tomorrow before I get the bottom row of stars and houses done. Fingers crossed!

Now I saw something yesterday that was so neat. No more using a wheelbarrow to move cement!! They now come with motors and giant tough wheels and you ride them!! Check out the builders across from my condo. The maintenance guy needs a big shed and we need our tennis courts open again so they are putting up a big shed. Fine by me since the grass has refused to grow there anyway and we get new sod and landscaping around the building.

I watched them loading concrete for the foundation and was shocked to see a ride along wheelbarrow! What the heck will they think of next!! Seems like a good idea to me!


Jeanette said...

I like your new blocks and like the idea of making more of the letters larger. My sister was thinking about using family names in the appropriate letter blocks (Cyndi in the C block) for example. So, we are still playing with the idea. I've told myself that once I lose 15lbs then I can buy the pattern. Can't wait.

Quilt Hollow said...

I enjoyed Jeanette's comment about telling herself to lose weight before getting the pattern!

I've already names Darlene Speedy and now can see that I'm going to have to come up with something for you!

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, that ABC quilt is going to be so cute. Maybe for W you could do a countryfied motorized wheelbarrow!

Karen said...

I appreciate the info about adjustments being needed on the ABC quilt. I don't know when I will start mine. I am certainly enjoying watching the progress on yours.

Kathie said...

oh I have learned that Cheri's patterns are just for a guide line be prepared to put it together with filler blocks or make sure you over cut the backgrounds to adjust to the size you really need.
Math is not her forte!
block looks great :)

Lindah said...

Oh, man, I want one of thangs...those motorized wheelbarrows. That's what I need to do my yard work and gardening!
Your blocks are looking great. I like your "fine tuning" of the designs.