Tuesday, September 30, 2008

lets play.....finish the poem...

Alright ladies, I need you to put on your thinking caps! Here's a poem in a Halloween stitchery done by Cheri Payne when she was doing classes at Country Loft. Therefore I doubt there was ever a pattern for sale. I have that on good authority. But like I said...when a gal wants something, she wants it, so I'll make my own. Consider it an homage to Cheri...

I have a picture from the Country Loft Quilt show gallery, but won't show it here since it's not my picture. I'm ready to start stitching, however the last two lines are obscured and I swear, I can't think of what they say. So, If you'd like to play along...read the poem and give your best guess at what those last two lines are....

Pumpkins Alight
Black Cat
Witches hat
eek a spider
*??erie sights...Eerie Sights!
*??ic night...Magic Night!

I was thinking Scary sights...but even spelled SCARIE sights doesn't work...it's "erie"

SO here's what I will do for you! The first person to either (A) find the right answer or (B) make up a new suitable replacement answer ....gets a prize!! How's that? I'll put together something very nice, I promise. ***** SaraRules! wins the prize...Sarah, I think you filled in in with exactly what was meant to be there! Even if it turns out not to be the original, it sounds perfectly good to me!
Frantic and Panic were good but didn't portray the magic of the night. Of course it made even more sense when I deleted the "s" on the end of Magic. Typo on my part! But of course I couldn't think of anything! Thanks for playing ladies! I knew I could count on you!

Sara send me your address by email and I'll pop and nice surprise into the mail for you this!! week!


Paula, the quilter said...

Eerie sights
Panic nights

or Frantic nights

Maybe I'll come up with some others.

Anonymous said...

I agree...Eerie Sights and Frantic Nights

SaraVictorious said...

Oh, I seem to remember this one!

Eerie Sights
Magic Nights

Joyce said...

Eerie sights,
Manic nights.

Although I think it's more likely magic nights. I just wanted to be different.

Libby said...

I agree with sararules - sounds right to me *s*

Scottish Nanna said...

Well heres my go at it.
Suspicious Sights.
Leery nights.
MMMM sounds all right to me.?
Hugs Mary.

Jeanne said...

How about eerie sights and sleepless nights?

Wendy said...

I'm too late as always. Cute Halloween poem and what a fun game to finish it off. Looks like you should have followed your gut instinct.