Tuesday, August 12, 2008

hello my name is judy...

and I am a flitter-er.

That's right, I flit from one project to another and I LIKE IT!!! I was discussing this by email the other day with Darlene and I realized, again, that I do like it. Yet, it leaves me without those wonderful..."see what I finished" pictures every few weeks. But eventually I will have a TON of "see ALL the things" I finished. Eventually.

Sorry that it's been a week since I posted. I have been taking it slower, but I really didn't intend to be gone for so long between visits. So without further adieu...these are the things I've been flitting between all week.

Got the next installment for Sweet Land of Liberty completed and sew together. I showed you different pieces of this section, but finally got them all assembled and embroidery done last night. I'm loving how this one is turning out and I'm rounding the end on this one, I think. There are top borders to be done and a few more blocks, but maybe 4 months left??? Seems like less, but it's getting close. I have another block ready to assemble tonight too. I also signed up for the last of Cheri's sampler quilts and last weekend I got the FIRST package for the ABC Quilt Sampler. I had the pattern, but I really like doing these as BOM's so I ordered it from Buggy Barn. I'm NOT starting it for a few months probably, but it was fun to go through all the pieces. I need to finish some others first!!

My arms are getting better and better, very slowly, but I am still working on my Four Seasons BOM with Darlene, Carol, Sharon and I'm sure others. Beth are you doing this one too?

This work is the one thing that still kills me with pain, so I go very slowly. To the left is the bird for Summer without his piecing done. I somehow missed the house block, which comes first but eh..not at all tragic which order they are done in.

Got the Spring section completely done and all stitched up! As normal, you can click on any of the pictures and get a much larger view.

I'm also just about finished with a quilt top that I was compelled to get done. You know the feeling right?
One of the last things to do is cut what seemed like millions of these triangles. Now to put them all together...but no peeks.

This one I want to just spring on you like Tracey does...POW! See what I finished while you weren't looking! She just did it again and you really should go look. She has also reminded me that I have a very similar box of very similar Dresden's that need exactly the same treatment...including all the fudging into place in order to lay flat and pretty.

SO that's the last week of working and toiling in my sewing room. Come back soon to see some more progress.


Anonymous said...

I'm a flitter-er too, Judy. And my tastes just as varied as yours. I adore Freddy Moran but I do so much traditional antique-looking stuff you'd never know. I always ultimately finish, but I like variety and just doing whatever I feel like doing at the moment. The rest of life is already regimented for me and my sewing room is the last frontier!

Anonymous said...

I jump around on projects all the time too, so you're not alone. And yes, I am doing the Four Seasons quilt from Country Loft, but I ran out of thread. Have to wait until it comes in the mail so this project is in the box for now.

Quilt Hollow said...

Hi Judy....IF a project holds my interest I can pretty much stay with it up to the quilting then this is when I set that one aside to work on my next love interest. LOL Can't wait to see the surprise quilt you'll be springing on us with those triangles.

Nancy said...

Another flitterer here. I HAVE to have four or five things in process to move around to. I don't get regular finishes, but rather I get many things finished all at once. And that's how it is. Glad to meet another of my species!

Darlene said...

Hello my fellow flitter-er friend, LOL. You might be a flitter-er but I'm always amazed at how much you accomplish.

Lots of eye-candy in this posting. Love it all.

Libby said...

Flitterer - quilter - it's all the same *S* You have fun while you are working on something, anything, everything . . . then, one day *poof* quilts all around. YIPPEE!

julieQ said...

I think we all have several projects going at once. It is the rare quilter who buys specific fabric, uses it only for that, and only works on this quilt until it is done.

Karen said...

I flit just like you do. Are we starting a 12 step program for this?
Enjoyed seeing the pictures of what you have been working on. Does the Four Seasons project pattern go by that name? I want to do a search for the pattern and check it out.

tracey said...

yep! i'm a flitter-er as well! although i've gotten better about it.

POW is right! you're making so much progress on those projects! must feel wonderful to be able to sew again. :)