Monday, August 24, 2009


What is it with August and sewing? I think over the last few weeks I've popped on several blogs and read the same thing every where....August is a slow month for quilting. Wonder why? I did work for the first few weeks then slowed down.

For me it has been the heat. I do not tolerate the heat at all. Hate it. Above 90 degrees and I get irritated, confused and nauseous...above 95 and I get downright cranky...and mean. Ask hubby. It's been running at 95 or hotter with the temps feeling like 100 or more this last week. I've spent the time in a very dark condo, shades and curtains drawn, a/c blazing, sitting on the couch with light handwork, or a book and watching Miss Marple, perfectly content on doing nothing. Happy as a clam to piddle along.

Not a lot of anything else has gone on. Barely any sewing. My lone finish for the CGQC is done and the others won't make it this month. My tendinitis is still bad and learning a new skill didn't help it get better. I should have stopped when I realized it was making things worse, but I was too far into the mesmerizing punch... punch.... punch of making fabulous designs.

I had always wanted to learn needle punch, but the stores here don't carry the supplies. SO I called the Country Sampler one day, picked out 2 patterns and asked the gal to kit them up for me and send me everything else I needed except the hoop. They came! and I got chicken! Luckily I had Debbie to guide me along. Seriously check out her creations!

But rather than start on one of those and ruin the hand dyed threads, I picked a lovely free doodle design from Primitive Betty and started with that and my own DMC. She calls this Boo Jack. This is way too cool for words!... and hard on the arm and hands. But once you start you just can't stop! I love how it turned out. I had planned to spray it with Distress it but I don't think it needs it. It's darker than the picture shows and very perfect for Halloween this year.

I did accomplish some good progress on the ABC sampler so I'll show those blocks over the next few days plus the other things I've been doing.


Quilt Hollow said...

I love punchneedle...and yours is just adorable! It is so primitive and oh so me! As for August quilters...I too noticed the lull and really do think it is the heat of summer that takes it out of everybody. Soon the chill of Fall will be in the air and we will want to snuggle up next to the iron and under the quilt as we bind.

Darlene said...

August has been a rough month for me! I want to get a bulldozer and have everything removed from my sewing room - it's very distressing to me!

Ironically, I've been thinking about pulling out my punchneedle projects - it's nice change of pace. Your pumpkin is adorable, Judy

Shakerwood Primitives said...

The punchneedle turned out great. Too bad it had to take out your arm in the process.

I have part of my 1st project done for the Charming Girls. Not very Charming, am I? I'm trying, I really am but just can't seem to get myself in the sewing/dining room. Too many distractions right now.

Carol said...

I love your punch needle! He is just wonderful! Punch needle is so soothing to do. Very fun!

Sue said...

Love your punch needle project! For some reason I'm in a Halloween mood already.
I'm really having a hard time getting into a quilting/sewing mood this month, too. It's frustrating since I have a lot of things to work on, I should be making Christmas presents, too!

primitivebettys said...

You really have done a GREAT job on your first punch! Thank you again for punching & sharing.



Michell said...

I really love your punch needle...
you have done wonderful work..
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yellowfarmhouse said...

Great job on your first punch needle project - he's dang adorable. I've been hit and miss on the sewing thing, but probably doing more than I did all summer during the month of August. I'm thinking lots of fall and the few things I've been working on involve pumpkins :). Hope your arm is doing better

Hugs - Karen

Libby said...

August has been a complete bust for me on the quilting front. I doubt things will improve much for the remainder of the year . . . but watch out in '10!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

That BOO is toooo cute Judy. You did a great job.
You should really come here, the summer has been awesome! We even have our a/c off and windows wide open.

Allie said...

How cute is that!!!!!!! Seriously, it uses floss? Uh-oh. But if it's hard on the hands....sigh. I don't need something else to get hooked on, lol, but this is too sweet!

Caryn said...

I've been tempted to try punchneedle for a long time but resist because I don't need anymore projects added to my "to do" list and I don't need to spend any more on patterns and equipment! Yours looks great though and tempts me once again!